The Best Free Classifieds Script Sun, 26 May 2013 17:59:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Choosing The Right Free Classifieds PHP Based Script For Your Business Tue, 14 May 2013 17:48:42 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> There are lots of good free classifieds scripts that are for sale online and you will be able to choose one of them and launch a free classified website in a couple of minutes. The idea isn’t that simple as each classified script out there has various approaches for coding and functionality. The most crucial thing that you must know is what sort of a script you should looking for and so starts the search for one that has those features that you’re seeking. It is all important not to alter the requirement once you detect a script you like.

free classifieds

Most of the classified scripts are used for classified websites that service a specified community. The site owner has to know what kind of users out there that he’s making the site for. Once you’ve a clear idea, then look for the classified script that can suit your idea. In this age of internet, all you need is to carry on a search through search engines in general and on Google in particular. You’ll have a list of several classified scripts that are out there. It is not essential that you stick to merely top three or top five. Make certain you view the demo of classified scripts that are in Top 10 and then look for other ones that are in sponsored ads category.

Make Money With Your Free Classifieds Site

How can a free classifieds site make money, the ads are free to submit..? The trick is to attract users and visitors by offering them something free (a free ad). But this free ad has several limits. When the users see all the benefits the featured ads have, they would want to upgrade their ads and you – the site owner – will make money.

Classified Php Scripts are often used to build up any type of classified ads now a day. Users can register; log on to their account and save their darling ads to an online account. Featured listings are always with videos, photos, reviews, maps, description, ratings, and many more. Upgraded ads have far more features than the free ads and users would want to upgrade and pay for these ads.

Several people use classified ads websites to better the traffic increase to their website. Since these permit free posting, more and more people tend to post their ads. PHP based scripts are exceedingly popular across the World Wide Web as it is rather dynamic and adjustable plus much nore user friendly. If you look at most of the scripts out there, you will be baffled to discover that the majority of them are using PHP language. Consider any good script you’ll see that it is using PHP as the programming language.

If you prefer to improve your advertisements and profile on the internet, then you will be able to make use of the SEO features that are a natural born part of the script. This way, even a single visitor to a real estate classified can bring forth a large profit, if he applies and does business with the website. If you’re starting a brand new business venture with ambitions of becoming profitable quickly, you may want to center on terms like SEO, keyword rich title, keyword meta tags, description and SEO friendly URLs. These factors are very important and can find them pre-configured with our classified script.

Hot topic! Local free classified websites

There was a time when the Internet helped people to reach out to all parts of the world; but step by step people realised that promoting products in the local market makes more sense than making it visible to the citizens of other countries. Therefore, if you’re planning to sell something in India you have to go with the free classified ads India. There are websites that would allow you to publish such ads.

These websites are frequented by local purchasers; as soon as your ad goes live you can expect getting some results. Furthermore, search engines are as well very much concerned about local results these days. They often show the recently listings from local classified websites in the search engine result pages provided the query matches with the products or services listed there. So when you release your ad or list your product or service, you are able to get indirect traffic from the search engines as well.

Thus publishing ads on free India or US classified ads websites is a win win position; our free classifieds script can easily be transformed into a local marketplace.

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Why You Should Get Into Classifieds Advertising Fri, 03 May 2013 12:17:57 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> You know people say the internet is a great place to make extra money. You just need to decide which income making system to use. One form of content that will always be around and earning money for people is classifieds advertising.

classifieds advertising

By selling feature ads on your own classifieds advertising websites, you can control the price per ad and the volume of ads per page. So with a little calculating of numbers you can have the consistent monthly income you have always dreamed of achieving.

You probably have visited many classifieds advertising platforms like Craigslist in the past and thousands of others have also visited these sites. Once you get the traffic visiting, they will return over and over again. Once the traffic is flowing daily to your site, you could even place Google Adsense ads on your site for extra income.

It is important to use a classifieds script that provides lots of features for those who post ads and for the administrator to limit misuse of the platform by users. Those posting free ads want to be able to include images, video, and hyperlinks to more details about their offer or product. The best script that offers numerous features including the previously mentioned is the website script.

Just imagine all the different ways you can make money with classifieds advertising. You can choose to make a site with the topic centered around your home town. You can also choose to make the site focused on helping singles meet each other by posting personals ads. Then there are sites set up for specific niches like homes for sale by owner, art for sale, or even used jewellery. You can let your site  show reviews of local restaurants. Any of these ideas can be monetized with feature ads and / or Google Adsense.

You can also charge for those who want their free ads to be posted longer than the usual limit of days, those who want their ad bolded, or other features you can control and provide as a special service to users.

Once you have set up a couple of these types of sites, you can just repeat the process for regular increases in your income. There is no limit to the number of sites you could set up or the amount of money you could earn. The maintenance of the sites can be out sourced to a skilled freelancer and your time actually working will be minimal.

Just think, your users will be providing the content for your site. So no writing of articles will be required or blog posting on the site. Just get the traffic started and the ripple affect will take place. Visitors will tell their friends about the site because they will want their friends to see their ads. Those friends will post ads too and tell their friends. You get the idea.

Classifieds advertising might be one of the easiest systems to get started in and the  easiest to duplicate for even more income. You will want to get started immediately.

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Benefits Of Free Classified Advertisements Today Wed, 03 Apr 2013 11:55:48 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> The Internet is growing day by day. Therefore, it is very important that you are continually acquainted with new online marketing techniques for your website to get the maximum amount of visitors to your free classified advertisements. With the growth of the Internet, there are thousands of sites today for online classified ads in different countries and more keep appearing every day. These websites for online classifieds can bring a lot of new visitors to your website as they usually generate a lot of traffic every day.

free classified advertisement

More Effective With Free Classified Advertisements

Posting online free classified advertisements is a great way to reach a lot of people very quickly. It is much more effective and less expensive compared to other forms of advertisement, such as placing ads on the television, radio, newspapers and similar forms of real world media. The classified adverts outside the domain of the Internet have a rather limited audience and tend to be very expensive.

Easy Creation of Ads

Adverts are used throughout the world for various purposes. Today, the Internet is an easier alternative to newspapers. Compared with the limitations of non-Internet forms of marketing, online classifieds offer the possibility of including detailed descriptions, photographs and videos. They also allow faster searches by categorization and keywords, thus enabling instant access to multiple related ads. Within minutes the person interested in an ad can contact the seller via email. Online classifieds offer unlimited possibilities. All that is required is a valid email address so that potential customers can contact you.


The best thing you can do is create a simple and striking ad, and post it on a site designed specifically for online classifieds. This is one of the best marketing strategies available today. Sites that offer online classified ads generally categorize them accordingly making it easier for a prospective online buyer to find exactly what he needs. They have different categories for easy searching. These categories can be anything, such as electronics and technology, employment (modeling jobs, internships, student employment etc.), real estate, services (tourism, massage, therapies), entertainment, education, second hand goods (used cars, computer peripherals, musical instruments ), and so on. Also, these categories may be divided into sub-categories. You can also find classified advertisements specific to the state or city where you live. Therefore, finding relevant ads in online classifieds is now very simple.

Wide Variety of Products and Services

Online classifieds can be very effective for a variety of items, including products used, clothes, appliances, etc. It is also an effective way to advertise personal services in job related sections. Using these online classified listings can help you make yourself known to everyone, even if you have little budget to spend on advertising.

Easy Accessibility

With the introduction of technology in virtually all walks of life, advertising through classified ads on Internet has taken a giant leap over newspapers, magazines and yellow pages. One of the advantages of online classified advertisements is that anyone can access them at any point in time. Besides, these adverts are not assets of companies or businesses. Anyone can participate by selling items, looking for a job or looking for a service at a competitive price.

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What Is A Free Classifieds Script And What Are Its Benefits? Fri, 22 Mar 2013 09:07:51 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> These days, A PHP free Classifieds Script have become the latest trend. Many people are buying these scripts online, spending money and using them to create a classified website. Since creating a classified ads website using a script is very cost effective and easy, there are many companies that are offering these scripts. Today, it is possible to find very efficient and advanced classified ads scripts in the market because of the competition among these companies. For someone planning to launch a classified website, classified scripts are the number one choice because they are able to get their website up and running instantly without wasting much time.

free classifieds script

Whether you want to buy a paid script or get a free classifieds script you will have plenty of options to choose from. You can download a classified ads script from an online website, and it will most likely come with a tutorial on how to install it and operate the admin panel. If you spend some money, you will actually secure application and continual support for new designs and updates. If you want to create a professional classifieds website, you only settle for a highly advanced application. A majority of these scripts are in PHP, but you will also find them in AJAX, JS and SQL.

A free classifieds script usually comes with a template. Depending on their budget, clients get the option of using this template or getting a custom web design. Clients can also give the design of the classified ads site a complete makeover by modifying the template. They can even gain a competitive edge by making changes. They can get t he job done even quicker if they are knowledge about Smarty Tags and HTML coding. Comprehensive PHP programming knowledge is not needed. This way of customizing the design of a classified site is very cost-effective since the service of costly PHP programmers is not required. In comparison to hiring PHP programming experts, using a script is a cheaper alternative.

Another important part of a free classifieds script is its SEO features that can help you improve your classified ads and their visibility. The description, keyword Meta tags, keyword rich title, and SEO friendly URLs are some of the important SEO features of a classified script that can help you make profit and often these come pre-configured. There are many benefits of using a pre-programmed classified script that is SEO friendly. You can instantly improve your classified ads website’s web presence without hiring an SEO expert. Depending on the needs and requirements of your business model, you will find many suitable scripts.

It is important that you be very careful when choosing a classified ads script for an upcoming classifieds website that you will be launching. Make sure you pay attention to the essential features of the script, especially its SEO features. Since you may have to customize the script according to your business model, make sure the navigation is user friendly with minimum or no coding at all. As long as you keep these things in mind, you will manage to find just the right free classifieds script for your site.

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Buy A Professionally Designed Classifieds Script Sat, 16 Mar 2013 12:01:35 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> Want to make some big cash online using a powerful classified site? The classified site business is truly growing. The truth is that people are using classified sites on a daily basis to look for products, jobs, and all kinds of information. Everything a person may ever need to look for can easily be found via classifieds script. Craigslist alone gets millions of visitors on a weekly basis from people all around the globe. If you want to cash in on this industry, then grab our professionally designed classifieds script. The money you can earn can be substantial and grow as time goes on.

classifieds script

How do you make money from a classifieds script?

When you have your very own website online that offers a classified design, you will find that you can earn money in so many different and unique ways. The first cool and unique way that you can make money from this kind of site is actually the ability to sell ads on the entire site. In fact, you can sell ads for people to post their site and banners throughout the entire site. This alone is a huge bonus and benefit that can make you a huge monthly amount of cash.

You can also make money from Google Adsense and any other ad network. All you have to do is use your ad code of the company you are working for and start profiting. It is all about how you work and how you decide to monetize your site in an effective manner.

 Buy a professionally designed classified script

You want to consider buying a classified script above all else because it is the best way to create a functional script that will last for years and even months to come. When you buy our script for only $29.99, you will find that it is an instant download with the script which you can upload into your site almost right away. Now you can get started on making your site look good and successful by using our professional script. It is nice how the design of the site is very well constructed and has a good presence.

Why use ours over others?

The one which we sell for only $29.99 is not only affordable, but it is very well designed. It has all the right functions that you can simply edit with ease. For example, if you want to add YouTube videos, you can do so in just a couple of minutes. If you need to add in your Adsense code, you can do so with ease. It is really exciting when you use ours over the others online because of how nicely crafted it is.

If you want a professional classified script that can give you massive results, then you really need to consider our script. It is very easy to install and can make people want to stay on your site because of how well it is designed. Get our script today and finally get yourself the classified site you have always wanted.

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Pick Out The Best Classifieds Script For Your Website Fri, 15 Mar 2013 17:33:00 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> How to choose the finest classified script available in the market for your business, without being a programmer? It is pretty easy with lots of good classifieds scripts available in the market for FREE and for a low price. Firstly you need to clearify your requirements are, and then search for a script that suits your needs. Be sure you don’t change your requirements based on the scripts you findt. Because you’re going to set up a classifieds script that’s going to assist a community, make certain you know what the community members are searching for or what they want. Make sure you dont produce unnecessary services that aim to spam and don’t be a copycat. You could do this by conducting a search both online and offline. Your classifieds script should be capable to meet the individual requirements of your business.


The best classifieds scripts on the market should offer the flexibility of: functions, settings and the capacity to adjust to business changes. Building an internet site is in several ways an organic process, the same goes for software development. This means that upgrades to the script are called for and features need adding/ removing as deemed necessary. The script should be decently supported, maintained continually and updated at regular intervals and, above all, be able to suit your business needs as they grow and change. The main features to look for are as follows:


All online businesses are unique and require a certain level of flexibility from the classifieds script. You’re going to need to be able to do changes to the code when needed. It is extremely unlikely that you will find a classifieds script fitted to meet all of your demands. This is because out-of-the-box versions are constructed to center on meeting broad requirements, popular in the market at a certain point. As market needs shift, so does the script functionality that is available by default.

Ability to Meet Central Business Needs

Try to dentify which processes and/or services your classifieds site will be involved with on a regular basis. Create a list of the most crucial things you’ll need. Prioritise these key factors into around four to five points most needed to start your business. Take a good look at some of the offers for sale on the market here and now to help you consider the options. Think about which changes you may need to make on a day by day basis.


Crucial key features which you may have included could be, for instance, ad presentation format, having control over the custom field searches, a search function or a postal code database for a specific country. If you’ve a 3rd party postal code database, you’ll need to make certain it is compatible with the classifieds script you are about to choose. As well, many of them are costly and therefore they are likely to stretch your budget. Once you’ve a shortlist of possible scripts, check to see which of those allow for customizations. Customizable factors are there to make your life simpler in the end. This kind of set up enables you to adapt, as your business grows and shifts time. Problems can arise when the code is fully encrypted. In this case, you’ve minimal control over the functions done by the developers of your classifieds script. The adjustments that need to be implemented will have to be made through them – at an additional cost.

Open source code provides much heavier flexibility. Changes are easily made in accordance with business needs either by the developers, you or a freelancer you may hire for this job.

Support and Upgrades Support

Product support is also an important consideration. Full support beefs up your product by reinforcing the script’s reliability. Support doesn’t have to be available day-and-night. Because when it comes to Level 1 support (often outsourced and because of this, available 24/7), in many cases their only gift seems to be to read you a part of the user manual. A well-run technical support department founded on ticketing/forum/email system is the support that your company needs at a minimal to compete in today’s worldwide market.

When your business grows bigger, you should consider employing an in-house tech support. Not only should the in-house support dept be educated to address a variety of different basic technical issues. Internal support should as well be able to fix minor bugs, propose useful advice regarding your customers use of the website, aid with template or code alterations, aid in relaying information to software manufacturer’s support dept on more global requests/requirements. In addition, the in-house technical support team should be able to solve and reconcile any problems that are caused by individual users or third parties. When they are not able to do so, classifieds script developers’ support should be involved as well. Their well-run support will have their own resolutions procedure for dealing with certain concerns that you may not be able to address.

The best way for your support team in dealing with the classified software manufacturer support is to provide them with as much information as possible. This enables them to serve you effectively and efficiently. Therefore, support procedures should be logical, easy to follow, and a documentation trail should be available (forums, tickets, online chats capturing your contacts with support and keeping them for further reference). When you are deciding which classifieds script to invest in for your business; check to see if it is supported by a team of professionals. They will ensure the smooth running of your operation.


Lastly, (but by no means least) you need to consider how much commitment the developer has invested in the software. Quite a few scripts on the market today are no longer in the development stage, which means no new versions. These should be avoided as the developers have obviously given up on their products. Those who are looking for a high performance classifieds script therefore do not consider these to be viable options. Ideally, the development cycle should be approximately three to six months between releases. If they are auctioned too frequently, they become harder to track, update, and generally signify developers’ attempts to fix multiple bugs by issuing “new releases”. Three to six months is a reasonable interval between updates necessary for keeping the classifieds software updated effectively. Releases which are too far apart show neglect and inefficiency. Check for a properly-documented change log before committing to buy. The script should not crash even during peak hours, when thousands of visitors are using the website. The script should offer option to accept payment from your customers.

You should also get full source code of the script. This will be useful when you need to add new features or customizations to the original script. The classified script should be written in a popular scripting language. This is essential because a popular language have more number of developers. You can get developer services to make changes to your price for an affordable price and on a short notice. The price of your classified script should not be high. You need to fit in everything in your budget like advertising, hosting etc. Some companies may offer free or low cost web hosting for customers who buy their script.

You may not find all the features in one classified script. A script which offers less customization features may offer strong security. You need to make a trade off between security and customization. All the classified scripts offer demo of their script. The demo should be tested, to know if they meet your standards. Online classifieds, whether they are local or national, and in whatever niche – automobiles, real estate or computers – remain to be a great business opportunity available for business owners. Classifieds websites tend to draw more consumers, so that merchants are lining up to advertise on your space. Even during tough economic times, and advertising budgets are tightened, online classifieds will thrive and will provide for you a great source of income and for the users an excellent advertising value.

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