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Pick Out The Best Classifieds Script For Your Website

15 March

How to choose the finest classified script available in the market for your business, without being a programmer? It is pretty easy with lots of good classifieds scripts available in the market for FREE and for a low price. Firstly you need to clearify your requirements are, and then search for a script that suits your needs. Be sure you don’t change your requirements based on the scripts you findt. Because you’re going to set up a classifieds script that’s going to assist a community, make certain you know what the community members are searching for or what they want. Make sure you dont produce unnecessary services that aim to spam and don’t be a copycat. You could do this by conducting a search both online and offline. Your classifieds script should be capable to meet the individual requirements of your business.


The best classifieds scripts on the market should offer the flexibility of: functions, settings and the capacity to adjust to business changes. Building an internet site is in several ways an organic process, the same goes for software development. This means that upgrades to the script are called for and features need adding/ removing as deemed necessary. The script should be decently supported, maintained continually and updated at regular intervals and, above all, be able to suit your business needs as they grow and change. The main features to look for are as follows:


All online businesses are unique and require a certain level of flexibility from the classifieds script. You’re going to need to be able to do changes to the code when needed. It is extremely unlikely that you will find a classifieds script fitted to meet all of your demands. This is because out-of-the-box versions are constructed to center on meeting broad requirements, popular in the market at a certain point. As market needs shift, so does the script functionality that is available by default.

Ability to Meet Central Business Needs

Try to dentify which processes and/or services your classifieds site will be involved with on a regular basis. Create a list of the most crucial things you’ll need. Prioritise these key factors into around four to five points most needed to start your business. Take a good look at some of the offers for sale on the market here and now to help you consider the options. Think about which changes you may need to make on a day by day basis.


Crucial key features which you may have included could be, for instance, ad presentation format, having control over the custom field searches, a search function or a postal code database for a specific country. If you’ve a 3rd party postal code database, you’ll need to make certain it is compatible with the classifieds script you are about to choose. As well, many of them are costly and therefore they are likely to stretch your budget. Once you’ve a shortlist of possible scripts, check to see which of those allow for customizations. Customizable factors are there to make your life simpler in the end. This kind of set up enables you to adapt, as your business grows and shifts time. Problems can arise when the code is fully encrypted. In this case, you’ve minimal control over the functions done by the developers of your classifieds script. The adjustments that need to be implemented will have to be made through them – at an additional cost.

Open source code provides much heavier flexibility. Changes are easily made in accordance with business needs either by the developers, you or a freelancer you may hire for this job.

Support and Upgrades Support

Product support is also an important consideration. Full support beefs up your product by reinforcing the script’s reliability. Support doesn’t have to be available day-and-night. Because when it comes to Level 1 support (often outsourced and because of this, available 24/7), in many cases their only gift seems to be to read you a part of the user manual. A well-run technical support department founded on ticketing/forum/email system is the support that your company needs at a minimal to compete in today’s worldwide market.

When your business grows bigger, you should consider employing an in-house tech support. Not only should the in-house support dept be educated to address a variety of different basic technical issues. Internal support should as well be able to fix minor bugs, propose useful advice regarding your customers use of the website, aid with template or code alterations, aid in relaying information to software manufacturer’s support dept on more global requests/requirements. In addition, the in-house technical support team should be able to solve and reconcile any problems that are caused by individual users or third parties. When they are not able to do so, classifieds script developers’ support should be involved as well. Their well-run support will have their own resolutions procedure for dealing with certain concerns that you may not be able to address.

The best way for your support team in dealing with the classified software manufacturer support is to provide them with as much information as possible. This enables them to serve you effectively and efficiently. Therefore, support procedures should be logical, easy to follow, and a documentation trail should be available (forums, tickets, online chats capturing your contacts with support and keeping them for further reference). When you are deciding which classifieds script to invest in for your business; check to see if it is supported by a team of professionals. They will ensure the smooth running of your operation.


Lastly, (but by no means least) you need to consider how much commitment the developer has invested in the software. Quite a few scripts on the market today are no longer in the development stage, which means no new versions. These should be avoided as the developers have obviously given up on their products. Those who are looking for a high performance classifieds script therefore do not consider these to be viable options. Ideally, the development cycle should be approximately three to six months between releases. If they are auctioned too frequently, they become harder to track, update, and generally signify developers’ attempts to fix multiple bugs by issuing “new releases”. Three to six months is a reasonable interval between updates necessary for keeping the classifieds software updated effectively. Releases which are too far apart show neglect and inefficiency. Check for a properly-documented change log before committing to buy. The script should not crash even during peak hours, when thousands of visitors are using the website. The script should offer option to accept payment from your customers.

You should also get full source code of the script. This will be useful when you need to add new features or customizations to the original script. The classified script should be written in a popular scripting language. This is essential because a popular language have more number of developers. You can get developer services to make changes to your price for an affordable price and on a short notice. The price of your classified script should not be high. You need to fit in everything in your budget like advertising, hosting etc. Some companies may offer free or low cost web hosting for customers who buy their script.

You may not find all the features in one classified script. A script which offers less customization features may offer strong security. You need to make a trade off between security and customization. All the classified scripts offer demo of their script. The demo should be tested, to know if they meet your standards. Online classifieds, whether they are local or national, and in whatever niche – automobiles, real estate or computers – remain to be a great business opportunity available for business owners. Classifieds websites tend to draw more consumers, so that merchants are lining up to advertise on your space. Even during tough economic times, and advertising budgets are tightened, online classifieds will thrive and will provide for you a great source of income and for the users an excellent advertising value.

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